Adjustable Art Easel Whiteboard&Chalkboard Double Sided Stand For Kids(Black)

$46.99 $87.95


  • Double-sided: Double-sided magnetic drawing board, with chalkboard and whiteboard on each side, it can help kids do homework, math problems and painting.
  • Storage: It doesn't take up a lot of space and can be used to store various small accessories.
  • Protective film: the protective film on both sides needs to be removed before use!
  • Safety: Rounded corner design, don't worry about hurting your baby!
  • Dust-free: High-molecular dust-proof nano-coating, firmly hold chalk particles!
  • Adjustable height: The board can turn 360 degrees,lift knob, tighten clockwise, loosen counterclockwise to adjust height and angle of drawing board!kssico


  • Material:?aluminum alloy
  • Weight: about 4000g/8.8lb
  • Height adjustable range:80~127cm/32~51inches

Package content:

  • 1x Art easel set

  • please tear off the plastic film on both sides of the artboard before use.

  • Please use the boards with double sides correctly. Chalkboard only for chalks,and whiteboard only for markers or papers.

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